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Cretan light infuses you...

The deep blue of the ocean beckons to you... dive into an untouched world of wonder !!!
Discover the awesome secrets of the deep...
Entire civilizations have emerged, flourished and disappeared along the shores of our region...
Welcome to a land whose ecosystems still remain unchanged...

Dive Sites

Diving Sites

Visit our Partners page & find diving centers to help you discover the underwater world of Merabello Gulf!

Five minutes away from the dive center by boat, the wreck of a sailing yacht lies at the depth of 25m. It is situated below a small REEF. This is an easy dive, 20m visibility and no currents. The wreck hosts shoals of bream and is also a good site for spotting passing amberjacks.
Average depth: 18m, Max.depth: 26m, Total Dive Time: 40 min.

Popular site, rich in marine life particularly bream and groupers. The dive starts shallow and continues onto a deep wall-reef.
Average depth: 20m, Max. depth: 28m, Total dive time: 45 min.

This dive site is only for experienced divers! There is abundant marine life, all types of fish can be found here. The dive starts from a 13m plateau leading down to great drop-offs where huge groupers live. Interesting bottom topography, rich in vegetation, old fishing nets, antiquities, this is one of the best dive sites in the area.
Average depth: 27m, Max. depth: 38m, Total dive time: 40min

A very good dive for novice and experienced divers with opportunities to see groupers at shallow depths! There is a shallow start from cove leading onto a plateau where divers will be met by shoals of hungry fish! Not to be missed!
Average depth: 12m, Max depth: 18m, Total dive time: 50min

An easy dive to improve your skills because of the clear water, simple bottom topography and no currents. A good site for a one-way dive!
Average depth: 16 m, Max depth: 24 m, Total dive time: 45 min

A terrific dive site, right on the peninsula. Experienced divers have the opportunity to dive in an unpredictable area. Big groupers can be found at depth and other large fish can be spotted passing through! There are great drop-offs with a spectacular view.
Average depth: 28 m, Max depth: 40 m, Total Dive Time: 45 min

A sheltered bay offering something for everyone. During the Italian occupation, the Italians had storerooms situated on the land above the bay. After an explosion in 1943* many military objects were blown into the sea and can still be found, scattered, making this an interesting, historical dive site.
Average depth: 22 m, Max depth: 26 m, Total dive time: 45 min.

This is a shallow site, great for beginners! Rocky slopes with good vegetation and sand bottom. There is a little family of groupers at 14m and lots of other small creatures. Making it also a great night diving spot.
Average depth: 14 m, Max depth: 18 m, Total dive time: 40 min

This is the last dive site of this coastline before the luxury hotels of Elounda. It is a continuation of Remetzo but with more severe sloping, making it pretty for photography.
Average depth: 16 m, Max depth: 22 m, Total dive time: 40 min.

The swimming pool of Kalidona Island. Shallow spot, ideal for beginners and for training purposes. Beginning from 3m it is an easy start. The most characteristic object of this site is an ancient amphora that you can find in this shallow depth.
Average depth: 10 m, Max depth: 20 m, Total dive time: 35 min.

A dive site with a continuously changing environment, which makes it ideal for photography and for the specialty underwater naturalist. There is a small cave with beautiful light passing through. There is also a strange wall formation resembling a window, which faces up to the surface forming an interesting spectacle.
Average depth: 17m, Max depth: 25m, Total dive time: 55 min.

In this place you can see schools of Atherines, Sardines and many members of the Bream family passing before your eyes. They swim with or against the current, which, depending on the season, can be strong.
Average depth: 16 m, Max depth: 28 m, Total dive time: 35 min.

The name of the site refers to another explosion, which took place here in 1942* during the war. Military objects can still be found. Look out for those green pieces of metal! It is possibly the most exciting dive site in this area.
Starting from 6 meters and slowly descending to greater depths it is truly for experienced divers. Fantastic views, big groupers that can be witnessed lounging in front of their holes. Passing pelagics, octopus and if diving at night large moray eels can be spotted here. On the return journey a great wall can be explored.
Average depth: 24 m, Max depth: 40 m, Total dive time: 42 min.

Heading south, this site does not have as good visibility sometimes just because of the STRONG current. There is a reef starting from 30m to 51m full of grouper-holes, which becomes greater as you continue south. On the way back and in the shallow depth of 10m you can travel through a small canal, with huge stones at your sides.
Average depth: 30m, Max depth: 38m, Total dive time: 38 min

Starting on a plateau of 6m depth, you can see blind holes and huge rocks across the coastline. On the edge of this plateau, a reef begins that offers the feeling of flying underwater.
Average depth: 22m, Max depth: 36m(+), Total dive time: 38 min

In the entrance to the gulf of Kolokitha, many kinds of small fish try to go from one side to the other, making the aquatic life very interesting. There is a shallow, easy start. Following the coastline around the island, you are greeted by a fantastic view of the open sea.
Average depth: 18m, Max depth: 22m, Total dive time: 40 min.

Gull Island is a site full of surprises with its beautiful scenery, both on the surface and below. Not so deep but with great visibility and some good seascapes to explore.
Average depth: 15 m, Max depth: 26m, Total dive time: 50min

Truly a holy site. Situated below a traditional church (Agios Fokas), the site offers a peaceful and tranquil dive which is great for photography.
Average depth: 18m, Max depth: 30m, Total dive time: 40min

This is a continuation of "Monastiri" leading you into a bay which is surrounded by huge plaques of rock and a bottom of pebbles. A very good one way dive allows you to plunge into the bay and continue around to "Monastiri". Entry into deep water, is giving a feeling of flying!
Average depth: 20m, Max depth: 50m, Total dive time: 40min

Great dive site, especially for divers who are addicted to good visibility, full of river-beds and lots of plant life.
Average depth: 18m, Max depth: 30m, Total dive time: 45min

A site always full of small fish. This is an easy dive (no currents, no swells), suitable for all levels.
Average depth: 15m, Max depth: 18m, Total dive time: 50min

One way dive site, excellent for checking out the small creatures. Relax and let your Instructor give you a guided tour. You may be lucky and see a passing ray.
Average depth: 15m, Max depth: 22m, Total dive time: 50min.

A large area including these three sites which are similar in bottom topography and depth. Vast plateaus with an unusual white coloured rock.
Average depth: 15m, Max depth: 30m, Total dive time: 40min.

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