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Cretan Cuisine

The secrets of life

From ancient times, the people of the island have based their diet on local produce such as vegetables, greens, meat, fish, honey, cheese and wine, all combined in imaginative ways generating many interesting and unique flavours.

Up until now, local people have been enjoying these traditional tastes, the freshness and originality of the Cretan cuisine, absorbing the sweet aroma of local herbs as their gift from the ancient Gods. In recent times, when scientists have been examining the phenomena of diet and its connection with disease, what we have always known from our experience has become official: “The Cretan Diet saves lives, and encourages good health and the enjoyment of a long life!.” Traditional Cretan cuisine is lean and easily prepared, and is based on the remarkable variety of local Cretan products. In any Cretan household you can find fish cooked with okra, lamb with lettuce, chicory, fennel or other vegetables of the island. Never missing from the Cretan table is olive oil, local wine and the wheat or barley rusk called “dakos”. Herbs, too, feature distinctly here. Dairy products are given greater importance than meat.
The municipality of Aghios Nikolaos endeavors to make this diet more widely known, not only for its intrinsic value, but also to promote it for future generations.

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