• Region: Elounda
  • Address: Elounda
  • Phone(+30): 28410 42111, 6944 686161
  • Fax(+30): 28410 41795
Taleos Rent a Car

TALEOS Car hire, established in 1989, is situated in the entrance of Elounda Village, opposite Elounda Bay Palace luxury resort and 100 metres from all the other luxury hotels of the area:

Elounda Beach, Elounda Mare, Grecotel Elounda village e.t.c.

The proximity at these hotels, the 18 - year experience, as well as the capacity of our staff to welcome and help you in your mother-language (English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German) distinguishes our office from all the others.

So, leave your holiday plans in crete in our hands, hire a new, safe, full insured car from us and... drive a lot of kilometres happily!


  • Aghios Nikolaos
    1, K. Koziri str.

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